FCC Posts Net Neutrality Report and Order

On 26 February 2015, the FCC adopted by a 3-2 vote new network neutrality rules.  At the time, as is normal for FCC rule adoption, the rules were secret, available only to the commissioners and a few aides.

Two weeks later, the rules have been published.  They include 305 pages of history, explanation, rulings, forbearance orders, constitutional considerations, and regulatory flexibility analysis; 87 pages of commission statements (including 80 pages of dissent, 64 from one commissioner); and a mere 8 pages of regulation.  Fewer than two pages of that involves the actual net neutrality rules; the rest covers definitions requirements for filing pleas and complaints, for confidentiality of proprietary information, and requesting advisory opinions.

To emphasize this point, I’m putting the text of the new rules below.  It’s very simple, and very easy to read and understand.

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