Some critical software end-of-life dates

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In my last post on Java, I mentioned that versions of Java older than Java 6 have been end-of-life (or unsupported) for some time.  This invariably starts people wondering about end-of-life dates for other major software products, so here are a few of note.  It’s not comprehensive, but hits some of the software that’s most commonly used.  Not all of the products listed are unsupported: some are currently supported but the vendors have published end-of-life dates, sometimes (but not always) far into the future.  If you’re using something unsupported, you really should try to move to something on the support list (and preferably not something in yellow on the chart).  For things like Office that may be expensive, there are usually options such as LibreOffice that are free to use.

A couple of points of note:

  • Windows XP is coming up on its last patches in April 2014, about 15 months away and soon after Patch Tuesday for that month (Office 2003 support ends on Patch Tuesday for that month).  I hope you’re all planning to be ready for that day.
  • I couldn’t find specific end-of-life dates for Flash.  I did find that the basic supported versions are 10.3 and 11.5, except that there’s also support for 11.3 on Windows 8 (presumably the Flash version built into IE10) and 11.2 for Linux.  Anything else is considered unsupported.
Vendor Product Line Product Version End-of-Life Date
Microsoft Windows Windows 3.1 31 Dec 2001
Windows 95 31 Dec 2001
Windows 98/98SE/ME 11 Jul 2006
Windows 2000 13 Jul 2010
Windows XP 18 Apr 2014
Windows Vista 11 Apr 2017
Windows 7 14 Jan 2020
Windows 8 10 Jan 2023
Windows Server Windows Server 2003 14 Jul 2015
Windows Server 2008 14 Jan 2020
Windows Server 2012 10 Jan 2023
Office Office 95 31 Dec 2001
Office 97 28 Feb 2002
Office 2000 14 Jul 2009
Office XP 12 Jul 2011
Office 2003 08 Apr 2014
Office 2007 and later Not yet set
Adobe Flash Flash Player Unclear; always update to current
Reader Reader 7 28 Dec 2009
Reader 8 03 Nov 2011
Reader 9 26 Jun 2013
Reader X 18 Nov 2015
Reader XI Not yet set
Oracle Java Java 2 Std Ed (J2SE) 1.3 11 Dec 2006
J2SE 1.4 30 Oct 2008
J2SE 5 30 Oct 2009
J2SE 6 Feb 2013
J2SE 7 Jul 2014


  • White: Still supported for some time
  • Yellow: Still supported, end of support within the next 18 months
  • Red: No longer supported

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