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Welcome to my site, Llamas in My Network.

“What does that mean?”

Um… It means, ‘Welcome, come in, have a look around…’

“No, the part about the llamas.”

Oh, that. Well… It actually came about when I was tinkering with something new and had to come up with some text to fill a line. I think WinAmp crossed my mind, and from there came llamas (if you don’t know, look it up). However, the program wanted at least 16 characters. Since it was a network application, I threw on the rest of the words and it kind of hit me that it could be a good name for a site. Besides, I’ve been intending to start up a site where I could post my thoughts, my work, and maybe some random things, at least as they pertain to network and computer security.

So a bit of background on me. I’ve been in IT for about 15 years officially with a little over half of that in security. I have a few certifications:

I have been a SANS Mentor for SEC504, the course that leads to the GCIH. I’d like to do more Mentor sessions for 504 and perhaps others and even move up to teaching full classes, but I need a few other things to get settled before I do that.
I’m told that I’m good at what I do, but I always want to learn more and do better, one of the reasons that I recently made a point to really learn Python, a popular and powerful scripting language. This site will, in some ways, help track progress in both. I have some ideas for projects in terms of code and teaching which I hope to unveil here at some point in the near future. In the meantime, I look forward to helping people understand computer and network security, so if you have suggestions for topics, drop me a line at Since this is really my first time doing a site like this, you can also drop me a line if it looks like something is broken.

Thanks for stopping by.

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