An unusual IM spam

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I’m on pretty much every major IM program, and have been since introduced to ICQ way back in the 90s.  I have multiple accounts on most of them, too, some of which are rarely used and then only for spam.  I get the usual dating and pr0n spam, but every once in a while, I get something new.

In this case, it was on an ICQ account that I created many years ago but which has not seen legitimate use in almost as long.  ICQ is still very popular in Eastern European countries, Russia in particular, so on the rare occasion that I do see spam, it’s not uncommon to see Cyrillic characters coming across.  Such was the case this morning.  Normally I just dismiss IM spam, but this was substantially longer than the normal one-liners with URLs I’d have to reconstruct.  The contact information has been replaced by stars; in the second-to-last case (* * * * * * *), the numbers were spelled out.

*********: icq для связи с нами * *** ***
Взлом icq, mail, стр. vkontakte / odnoklassniki.Недорого.
Взлом аккаунта World of Tanks
Реклама ICQ / Вконтакте
Раскрутка групп Вконтакте
Накрутка подписчиков/друзей вконтакте
Раскрутка сайта, вывод в топ поисковиках
*********: Хочешь узнать изменяет ли тебе твоя вторая половинка?
Почитать переписку мужа/жены ?
Наказать конкурента?
Тех поддержка вас игнорирует?
Вернуть свой забытый пароль?
Тогда наши услуги именно для тебя:

Взлом icq, mail, стр. vkontakte / odnoklassniki,
skype. Недорого.

Доступ к удаленной информации на другом компьютере.
Достанем/скопируем нужную вам информацию с удаленного компьютера.

Взлом аккаунта world of tanks под заказ .
Взлом игровых аккаунтов.

Icq реклама :
самая эффективная раскрутка :
вашего сайта
групп вконтакте
услуг в интернете.
Раскрутка путём рекламы- вашего бизнеса.
Работаем от ста тысяч сообщений.

Вывод сайта в топ в поисковике, по посещаемости и регистрации.

Реклама вконтакте:
раскрутка групп вконтакте
работаем от 20 000 приглашений в группу вк.
У нас самые дешевые цены на рекламу icq и вконтакте т.к. работаем большими партиями.

Накрутка подписчиков/друзей вконтакте:
работаем от 30 000 подписчиков

Заказать взлом, либо уточнить цены на услуги,
можно у наших операторов – icq * * * * * * *

icq для связи с нами: **** *** ( без пробелов )

I ran it through Google’s translator and was amused when I saw the output advertising hacking services.

*********: icq to contact us * *** ***
Hacking icq, mail, page vkontakte / odnoklassniki.Nedorogo.
Account Hacking World of Tanks
Advertising ICQ / Vkontakte
Promotion Age Forums
Cheat subscribers / friends vkontakte
Web site promotion, output in top search engines
*********: Want to know if you change your significant other?
Read correspondence husband / wife?
Punish a competitor?
Tech support ignores you?
Get my forgotten password?
Then our service is for you:

Hacking icq, mail, page vkontakte / odnoklassniki,
skype. Inexpensive.

Access to remote information to another computer.
We’ll get / copy the information you need from a remote computer.

Account hacking world of tanks on order.
Hacking game accounts.

Icq advertising:
the most effective SEO:
your site
groups vkontakte
services on the Internet.
Promotion through advertising, your business.
We work from a hundred thousand messages.

Conclusion site to the top in the search engines, attendance and registration.

Advertising vkontakte:
promotion groups vkontakte
work of 20,000 invitations to the group of VC.
We have the cheapest prices for advertising and icq because vkontakte working in large quantities.

Cheat subscribers / friends vkontakte:
work of 30 000 subscribers

Order the break-in, or ask prices for services,
can be our manager – icq * * * * * * *

icq how to contact us: **** *** (no spaces)

The translation is a little rough (I think), but readable.  This turns out to be a pretty wide-ranging service.  Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki are social networking sites popular among Russians, and the source claims to be able to hack into accounts there.  They also offer services to hack into games, competitors, and significant others.  They offer to help get your password back when tech support isn’t helpful.  (Would you really trust a group of hackers to not use that password?)  If you’re not into hacking, they offer SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing services, though the marketing seems to be largely via ICQ and therefore spam.

Not a service of which I would take advantage, but it was an interesting item to see this morning.

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